I come bearing links

First off, what a Preakness. Alysheba flashback! I have no idea how Rose or Alex for that matter did not fall. A truly fantastic effort. My respect for that little colt went up exponentially after that. I hope he comes out of the race OK, he’s prolly cut up all to hell.


Well I’m back. After a flight from LA that included a seat next to the engine in front of a crying (I mean REALLY crying 2 year old) ..I’m home. Sourness aside I had the best E3 since the first one that I went to with Todd and two other friends of mine. After the first half of day one, the show was just a great time. I stayed very busy but the people at Gamespy are class acts. 100% class acts. They, along with Tom Chick, Tiffany Martin, and Steve Bauman made the trip a hell of a lot of fun. I may even go next year. (Did I say that?)

GameSpy is still posting E3 previews and will be throughout the week but here’s the stuff up from yours truly:

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Pile On (This game…wow)

Heroes of Might and Magic V (This game, too. Wow)

City of Villains

The Witcher (RPG)

Later on in the week my stuff on Warhammer Online, Rise of Nation: Rise of Legends, Breeders Cup (I”ll post that here for you guys later), Blitzkrieg II, Parkan II (think Privateer and Freelancer with FPS stuff), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow, and some other stuff should go up as well.

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