Sunday Musings

I just watched Team America from Netflix. Damn…it’s a little long but hysterically funny. This movie should have easily won best soundtrack. “America: Fuck Yeah!” is the best song ever. It sounds like a Tenacious D song. Every song is a winner. Sure, the puppet sex scene was a little over the top, but I was laughing pretty heartily. Definitely not a date movie though….

Hot Shots Golf for the PSP has taken over most of my playing time. It’s quite a fun yet challenging golf game, although I hate the Japanese-RPGesque shit in there like “loyalty bonus”. Stupid!

The Forza commercials are pretty funny.

On another note I had been using Moodlogic’s Music Mixer for some time, but it expired and since their forums are outdated and support non-existent, I didn’t renew. (I liked how it worked for Tivo as well, but the limits it put on Ipods were frustrating). Checking the forum, I saw someone post for another system called the Predixis Music Magic Mixer. Now this thing is cool. You can say I want a 12 song playlist based on uptempo songs, or a 995MB playlist, or however (perfect for the shuffle if you have one). The advanced version is $9.95/yr or $29.95 lifetime. I’m impressed. And it works with Tivo. Check it out!

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