Tivo Alert!

Those of you using old skool VCRs to tape the Shield, don’t forget it’s a special 90 minute episode, ending at 11:30 tonight.

Also on tap: American Idol. USA Today says that the contestants will sing two new songs plus one of their favorites from the competition. Judging on the merits, how can Bo not win? He’s even leading on the ITunes download chart. Sample that American Idols album on ITunes–man there are some real turds on there. I still think Nadia sucks.

Of course, there’s also the Contender. You know, it’s too bad this show has received such poor reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I think the reality guy put too much crap in this, but the idea was neat. Tonight is a live boxing match, and hopefully it will be better than the PS3 like video’s they’ve been showing of “look how this punch hits the guys face.” Yes, we get it. We’ve watched boxing before.

How about that season finale of 24? Pretty cool.

On a non-sports videogaming note, I just got the new Unreal for Xbox. I may need to give that a lot of play. Same with Forza. When I had it for a preview, I didn’t really like it but you’re talking to someone who doesn’t often spooge about the Gran Turismo types…


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1 Response to Tivo Alert!

  1. pb4201 says:

    Tell us your thoughts about Forza and Unreal when you get a chance.


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