TV Recap

I’m up early in the morning doing the Chamber of Commerce thing, so some quick recaps while the Shield continues to record…

1. Orioles win but the horrors…Sammy Sosa is back but Javy Lopez leaves with a broken hand, the M’s pitcher nails Brian Roberts on the knee, he stays in the game only to get to second on a steal that looked excrutiatingly painful and is out of the game, then Raffy gets hit. I doubt any of the HBP’s were intentional but damn, way to take out the team.

2. American Idol: I’m still hoping Bo will win, I just prefer his overall stage presence, and the fact that on the song they both sung, he was better…but I get the feeling that Carrie will win thanks to that wholesome middle-America vibe she has.

3. Uhhh…I don’t have a 3.


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