Oh those O’s! and Catching up On TV

Well, tonight I watched the Orioles game and even though we lost, it was quite the entertaining game. I’m very happy for Detroit fans, that team doesn’t look horrid as the O’s did in years past. What I’m not happy about is the Yankees. They need to lose some more. Ponson wasn’t on fire, the O’s added another person to the DL. Damn. But, they have attempted a comeback in every game and even if they are losing 8-2, I don’t turn the TV off.

I was catching up with some season finales off of TV this week: 24, Whoa!, Deadwood – meh…Alias..HOLY SHIT. Seeing that last scene in High Def made me jump about 10 feet out of my chair. I thought that happened to me (not trying to ruin the spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, Craig). Still waiting on Lost. American Idol, well we knew that was going to suck.

So I’ve been playing some Unreal Championship 2. Not overwhelmed. I have Forza still here and Area 51 and Gol…no I mean Hot Shots…I don’t know why I said Golden Tee. Anyone still play that game on the PC? It’s pretty fun you know, even though the graphics are meh….

Should be a fun weekend. For the first time in 9 days, I saw the sun today. It might even be warm tomorrow!


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