Well, lots of sporting events today but the sun is out so I gotta go take care of the yard. Couple of things:

1. The O’s are putting people left and right on the DL. Larry Bigbie, Javy Lopez, Erik Bedard…this isn’t good at all. At least the Sox and Yankees are beating each other up.

2. DirecTV announced their Sunday Ticket pricing. $319 dollars for the full package, including most games on HD. You can buy their ‘basic’ package for $219. You know, MLB Extra Innings is $149 and I get 6 months of games, give or take, although none in HD (except those on InHD1/2). Good thing it’s only on DirecTV….the NFL charges a premium to News Corp…the funny thing is can you imagine the subscriptions if it was available on cable? Kinda like how Madden will be $60 this year but the only NFL game around (again, rampant speculation here, nothing official). E3 did nothing to excite me about EA’s football games. I haven’t seen them, but like you I’m relying on Billy Boy and the gang, and boy, talk about underwhelming. Not that I’m surprised.

Whoops, I just noticed I changed the subject. Speaking of football, GamePro’s newest issue (July 2005) has a bunch of football previews, all done by a guy named “Brother Buzz” (I hate their pseudonymns. HATE!). What I like about GamePro is that they are platform agnostic — that is I have one source to read game reviews for multiple platforms all in one magazine. What I despise is that they take fact sheet writing to the next level. “Madden NFL 06 is going on the offensive this season” and “..EA Tiburon aren’t kicking back on the sidelines”…are just two of the quotes that make me vomit.

If you didn’t know, previews are wholly designed to get you excited about the game (check out my previews of Road To Sunday and NBA 06 at GameShark for an example). Most previews offer VERY limited, if any, hands on. Usually you are given a fact sheet and have to dress it up. I will admit, I am more skeptical than most when I write my previews — however I am not going to massage the balls while I write them — specifically, I will call bull shit if i see it. If I hear about a new feature, sure I’ll say it sounds promising, but I will also say I have to see it to believe it. I will not just suck up to the fact sheet and say it’s wicked awesome…sure it has the potential to be, but that doesn’t mean it is. Ugh.

Anyway, I don’t know who Brother Buzz is, but he has his own blog, which is right here if you care. He’s seen the game now (no way he saw it when the magazine came out, hence the “first look” designation rather than “hands on”), and may have more to offer, but I’m too lazy to look.

Time to hook up the iPod shuffle and mow the lawn.

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