More Criticism

I receive many magazines online, like EGM. I just started reading them. You know what I love? Self-serving magazines that say they know what they are talking about compared to the ‘internet’ but yet fuck it up anyway. Xbox 360? Backward compatible? Nope says EGM, Not true.

They also say that MLB is awful on PSP compared to MVP. Obviously this is coming from someone who is an idiot. I mean, it’s not even close. If you want a good baseball game on the PSP, MLB is it, period.

I’ll be the first to admit 1)I hear rumors and they aren’t confirmed and 2)I am speculating, but when EGM says believe us, because we know what we’re talking about, and yet they are full of shit, you wonder why print subscriptions are down. Of course they are catering to that 12-15 demographic….

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