More Book Therapy

First off, that was a great Episode 3 write up by Todd and it pretty much mirrors my take on the film after only one viewing. I need to see it again, and I definitely want to see the animated shorts now. There are still a lot of plot holes with the SW saga, especially after Ep3, and I think it kinda goes back to the point that it’s extremely hard to recreate the magic from something that took place nearly 30 years ago. We all wanted the new movies to have the same kind of emotional impact that thew original ones did, and I think in the end that may have been asking too much. Still, compared to Episodes 1 and 2 this is Citizen Kane.

Anyway, the book writing continues. I’m learning so much by writing this sucker. Staying with the Star Wars theme, I had no idea that Ed Asner did voice work on the original KOTOR. Had no clue even though I played it through twice. I forgot that Lucasarts was rumored to have created the original Dark Forces due to all of the DOOM WADS that popped up all over the net. I love little factoids like that.

One of the challenges in writing a book like this is keeping the information as fresh as possible. It’s June 1st and the book comes out, I think, late fall 2005, so some of the info that I am writing about could either change or be dated by the time the book comes is released. So I’m trying to write about games that have already been released or are close to release and then focus on down the road stuff in the coming month or two. I’ve written on topics like God of War, KotOR 2, City of Heroes/Villains, Out of the Park Baseball 2005, World of WarCraft, Jade Empire , Psychonauts, etc. Timing the entries I think will prove to be important because I want the info to be as good as I can make it.

One of the book’s selling points, in my view anyway, is that I am trying to list some of the popular fan links for each game that I am talking about. So even if you are a hardline gamer there might be some websites for certain games that you either didn’t know existed or had forgotton about. I know I’m finding more stuff that I imagined I would by doing this. Even smaller games can have a very active fan base.

The book isn’t 100% about specific games. There’s also some general essays as well. I already wrote my 700 word manifesto on the sports license stuff. That was a fast 700 words.

So today I’m going to write an essay on “A Guide on How to Discuss Games in Public and Not Cause Women to Leave Skidmarks”

Is that title too long?

How about…”How a Gamer Can Sound Less Socially Challenged When Discussing the New Half Life 2 Mod”

Hmm..still needs work..

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2 Responses to More Book Therapy

  1. scasmflop says:

    Instead of…”A Guide on How to Discuss Games in Public and Not Cause Women to Leave Skidmarks”how about…”A Guide to Keeping a Wife Despite a Time-Consuming Gaming Habit and Underwear with Skidmarks?”


  2. bill says:

    Ha! That’s pretty good =)I’m lucky in that my habit is my job; I feel bad for the guys that have to play games without the benefit of being paid. I truly feel sorry for them, and theior spouse. đŸ˜‰


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