Jumping on the Rental Bandwagon

So how about those Pistons? ….Just kidding.

Given that it would probably be nice if I were able to post about gaming once in a while, I’ve finally broken down and signed on for one of the online game rental services. I don’t have the excess income to buy many games, and more and more the money I do spend seems wasted after I play a title for a few hours and never go back. So up to the plate strides Gamerang.com and their two game rental for $20 a month. I considered GameFly.com and GameLender.com (who has a huge gaming library, btw), but Gamerang has the closest distribution centers, which will hopefully ensure faster delivery.

First up I’ve got NBA Live 2005 and Forza heading my way. Since my last Live experience was the 2001 version, I figured 2005 was worth a rental in preparation for the 2006 titles. I played NBA 2k6 for a bit at E3 and I was pretty happy with that, but if this Live 2005 rental impresses then I’ll give 2006 a second look. As for Forza… well, I haven’t played a racing game since Pole Position, but since the buzz on this one is huge I figured I’d give it a shot.

For me, the beauty of services like Gamerang will be the chance to play some titles that I ordinarily wouldn’t risk $30-$50 on. Forza definitely fits that mold. So, gearheads, answer me this: How much am I missing out using a regular controller and not a racing wheel? I tried out a junky demo wheel at Frys on Friday and even that seemed preferable to a gamepad. Any recommendations?

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5 Responses to Jumping on the Rental Bandwagon

  1. bill says:

    You know I’m no gear head either but in doing book research playing w/o a wheel is sacriledge.


  2. Ted says:

    Wheels are mandatory for PC racers, but the general concensus among serious racing gamers is that there is not a good wheel made for the Xbox. I have heard that most of the wheels have too much play.Don’t give up on the Xbox controller. It is very useful for racing games because of the analog triggers and you should adapt to it very quickly. Do you have Live? Forza really needs to be played on Live to get the most out of it.Ted


  3. Brando says:

    Todd, I played NBA Live 2005 for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was surprisingly good. Granted, I played head-to-head, so I didn’t see the full test of the AI, but I found the game really immersive. It had an immediate fun factor I thought was lacking from ESPN NBA (although I liked that game).


  4. Dan Clarke says:

    I tried Gamerang before, and even though their distribution center was closer, it took longer to receive the games because they were always out. I still find GameFly the best. I just which they had a closer distribution center.


  5. Glen says:

    I’m hopeful about Gamefly’s new FastReturn service (Shipping of a new game starts when the USPS scans the game you’re sending back). Hopefully that will get the games cross-shipped so that the delay between new games is greatly reduced.


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