You Know Who I Respect?

I respect a lot of people, actually. But a group of people whose time has come are the people that write the movie descriptions that appear on local cable. Oh, think I’m kidding?

Steve Bauman, a friend of mine and EiC of Computer Games Magazine assigns 100 word reviews every now and again and says it’s one of the toughest articles to write. He’s correct.

Still, that is nothing over the movie write up people. If you think I’m kidding (or just crazy) try doing it yourself. It’s a fun exercise if you’re a writing geek like me. Take a movie, any movie, and try to describe it adequetely in less than 20 words. (I’ll wait here…)

Hard ain’t it?

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7 Responses to You Know Who I Respect?

  1. Glen says:

    Can I avoid using verbs? 🙂


  2. Todd says:

    I don’t want to know how much Almanac time you spent coming to this conclusion. 😉


  3. Dan Clarke says:

    Revenge of the Sith:SuckedThere, what do I win?


  4. Dan Clarke says:

    Hey this is on the Tivo Guide:Real Sex”Let it All Hang Out”Puppetry of the Penis, Kama Sutra workshop, Miss Nude Great Plains Contest; wrestling competition.Also:Nineteen: Platinum Edition 9″Eager women prove their love”Or:Campus Confessions 2″Sweet women have a desire to learn”OrYounger the Berry, Sweeter Juice 2:”Young harlots are ripe and ready for plucking”I wonder how they wrote that. Did they have to watch the show first, or was there a fact sheet?


  5. Glen says:

    Dan, you must have seen some of these films before… Of course you have to see the film before you can write up a description like that. Those films contain subtle nuance and witty and clever dialogue.It takes a master wordsmith to describe Love in the Boss’ Office 2 with “Two good-looking night janitors work hard after-hours to please the lusty ladies of the office.” A description like that can’t come from a fact sheet. That’s from study and analysis.


  6. Brando says:

    Pulp Fiction:Two hitmen cope with drug overdoses, accidental decapitation, sadomasochism, and divine intervention, ultimately leading to one’s demise and another’s rebirth.


  7. bill says:

    Vince and Jules didnt have anything to do with the sadomasochism part. Still, that’s not bad. 🙂


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