NCAA 2006 – AI Running Game Report

According to Steve at OS AI times with running-oriented games are finally starting to play like. Three yards and a cloud of dust and all that.

Have you notice differences in the way that teams play for example do you see a difference in the style of play with a team like Miami and a team like Florida?

Yes, it seems like teams do play to their strengths. Running teams will run and run you to death. Passing teams will pass and pass often. 🙂

If you aren’t stopping the run, will the CPU continue to pound the ball down your throat, and even if you are stopping it, will they still run to keep you honest?

My god yes. I was playing against Rice and they ran it almost every single time they had the ball in the 1st half. I could not stop them. After some adjustments after the half, I shut it down and they tried to pass for most of the second half. Of course they were down by a lot after the 3rd quarter, so that had a lot to do w/ it.

God, I hope it’s true. Another preview Q&A preview I read earlier today indicated that drops do appear to be toned down to a much more realistic level from 2005 and both say that the Xbox slowdown is no longer an issue. They’re not saying the game is a revolutionary improvement or anything, but certainly these are the issues I was most concerned about.

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  1. Glen says:

    Last year was the first one that I hadn’t run out to buy NCAA and I’m happy that I didn’t. It really does seem that this years version is more about tweaks than new things. Thankfully my EA boycott will prohibit me from buying this, but a rental may be in order.


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