Really Interesting NBA2K6 Preview at IGN

I’ve never been a huge, huge fan of this series but this sounds like a pretty bold move.

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5 Responses to Really Interesting NBA2K6 Preview at IGN

  1. Mossfan8480 says:

    This is amazing. Just another reason why I consider majority of the 2K teams to be “true artists” while majority of the Electronic “Arts” teams to be con-artists.


  2. wco81 says:

    To be fair, didn’t EA fully revamp MVP from the ground up? Despite the reviews, I think NBA Live was still outselling NBA2K.Plus with all those added people from NFL2K, they might as well do something big, especially since NBA2K is probably now their lead game or the one likely to garner the most volume.Still, I think a lot of work is needed in basketball games. When the sense of control of street-ball games is better than the NBA-branded ones, something needs to be done in this category.


  3. Todd says:

    What’s interesting is most of this stuff was not featured in the E3 demo. This control scheme was not a part of the package at all. *But*, I have said here I thought the gameplay felt different, and miles and miles better than my last NBA 2Kx experience (and better than my limited play with Live ’05). The fact that they’re doing away with the whole rock/paper/scissors player happiness stuff in assocation is very encouraging too. They’re w/o a doubt saying the right things and by pre-season I’ll definitely be jonesing to give it a shot….of course, if they’re really redesigning the whole thing you have to fear the bug and incomplete feature potential. 😦


  4. ncaa2004 says:

    Why is this game ‘amazing’ and Madden ‘broke’??? Both haven’t come out yet, so should they both be ‘broken’ since that is what you guys get off at?Ya have fun playing nba2k. I love the robotic movement of the game, it’s so fluid. I hear the LOST IN SPACE robot was the model they used to develop the player models in the game.I guess since you guys suck at everything you play, it would be perfect for you, a slow ass game which doesn’t require quick thinking.


  5. Todd says:

    “…a slow ass game which doesn’t require quick thinking.”This from a guy whose every word makes it more obvious that he doesn’t think at all.


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