Could it Happen?

I just wrapped up season two of my RftH and it featured one of the most bizarre turnouts I’ve seen for a college football game. It’s just out there enough to make me think its an authentic representation of the BCS. Entering the Michigan/Ohio State game I was 9-1 (OSU was 8-2) and ranked sixth in the nation. Iowa was the lone undefeated and ranked #2, with USC and Georgia in the other top three spots with one loss each. Now, my one loss was to Iowa. So Iowa also had a lock on the Big Ten title, since the best I could do was tie them at 10-1.

So, I take care of business in a thriller at Ohio State, getting the go-ahead TD in the final 10 seconds of the game (it was tied). Iowa turns around and loses to Northwestern and plummets to like #12 in the nation. Two of the other top 5 teams lost as well and suddenly I’ve got Michigan ranked #3 in the nation behind USC and Georgia. In the second to last week USC also loses setting up Michigan in the #2 spot and in the National Championship Game without having won the Big Ten outright (finished as co-champion with Iowa, but I lose the tie break because of losing the head-to-head matchup, another game that went down to the final play).

It sounds ridiculous to me to think a team could finish second in their conference (due to tie break), but still go to the final game. But looking at the situation, its exactly the kind of BCS chaos I think we’re all so used to seeing with losses late in the season hurting teams so much more than losses the middle or early part of the season. At any rate, I owned Georgia in the Championship game, which tells me I need to give the AI some boosts from my current slider set (or bump back up to All American). As soon as I line up 4-4 against a team I can shut down their running attack and in passing situations, if I go with a 2-deep Man/Zone or 3-deep zone (where I control the safety) I can pretty much control most over the top passes and the combination really hamstrings the unimaginative AI (see Bill’s last post).

Busted up in-game AI aside, I’m still bound and determined to finish RftH and get some dynasty time with this game.

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2 Responses to Could it Happen?

  1. bill says:

    One word: NebraskaIn 2001 they didn’t win the Big 12 after being thrashed by Colorado and played Miami in the title game.


  2. Todd says:

    Duh. That’s right. Completely forgot about that. I have the memory of a hedgehog.


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