Talking Baseball

Holy crap!? You never know what trades people will pull out of their butt with the trading deadline….Manny may no longer be a Red Sox player. I can’t fathom this one. No matter how many players the Red Sox get, here’s one guy who is totally crazy but just has the numbers to back it up…

Meanwhile, the Orioles traded Larry “The Meat” Bigbie for Eric “The Meat” Byrnes. Wow, that will help with the pitching quite a bit. Maybe this will mean the end of the great box score stat Team LOB: 16. Fuckers.

Alright, I confess, the Madden 06 commercials as always have suckered me in. I mean after the fun that is NCAA 06, I just can’t imagine this being as great as GamePro’s “fact sheet review special” says…but I always keep an open mind.

Speaking of NCAA 06, I have submitted it to my editor for review. I’m sure you can pretty much guess the gist of that one. When it gets published, I’ll let you know. I’m guessing some of you will let me know. Heh.

Totally completely rumors, but my friends in Asia are giving me horrid MSRP’s for the PlayStation 3 over there. I’m hearing $599-799. Yes, that’s a huge price range. I cannot imagine this thing working on those prices. That’s obscene. Of course it could be a Sony campaign of misinformation — they are good at that. Remember, this is the same company that used payola for music, so you never know….


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5 Responses to Talking Baseball

  1. wco81 says:

    A lot of people are talking about Kutaragi’s remarks that PS3 will be very expensive.Sony is hurting financially.But some theorize he’s trying to raise expectations of a high price and then deliver at the expected price.I’m sure they will let Microsoft firm up their launch plans like release date, price and specs — rumors swirling again of an HD-DVD configuration coming in 2006 after launching with DVD this year.Should be a couple of months more before MS announces details.


  2. Mossfan8480 says:

    Dan, I highly suggest you check out my posts over on dealing with a potentially damaging flaw in Madden 2006. Its good to know about things such as this before you spend $50 on the game.Here is the thread:


  3. bill says:

    This is a tad disconcerting..


  4. srudoff says:

    uhhhh jay gibbons is still an oriole…..


  5. Dan Clarke says:

    Crap. I always get Gibbons and Bigbie mixed up. I will re-edit


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