Various Saturday Musings

I’m watching the MLS All-Star Game — the MLS All Stars vs FFC (Fulham Football Club) from the EPL. It’s been a pretty physical game considering it’s an All-Star game. One interesting thing they are doing in game is called “side-by-side” where they run a regular commercial while the game is still shown live. What a great idea. I think I saw this during an F1 race earlier…they should do this a lot more! MLS Stromotion is pretty neat too.

Hey, could the Orioles lose any more pitchers hit by batted balls? That would be great. Today a loss puts them under .500. Talk about ‘sucking’….


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1 Response to Various Saturday Musings

  1. K_Mosley says:

    Side-by-side a “great idea?” Are you serious? You can hardly see the action, plus there’s no audio as the goofy commercial plays! One thing I’ve loved about soccer is seeing the entire half without interruption, much like FSC still does. ESPN2 unveiled this “side-by-side” advertising this season, and parent company ABC obviously picked it up. I guarantee the next step will be “pausing” the live action for commercials, so soccer is much like any other televised sport. When that happens, I guess soccer will have “arrived” in the U.S., sadly.Kevin


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