Games should not be allowed to be this addictive. Really. It’s criminal just how enjoyable this game is.

Sitting with Ashley, who named out pet cat in the game “pretty kitty” (hey she’s 4), I explained to her that when you catch fish in the game you can feed it to the pet to turn it into a stronger creature to help you fight. So we catch a few fish on the pier and then enter the dungeon. One of the fish will turn Pretty Kity into an Owlbear. I love fantasy games and books but an Owlbear is new to me.

Anyway, every time we fight some bad guys Ashley is yelling “Owlbear! Owlbear!”. Finally we meet the boss of the level and a quest target and we’re getting pummeled so I feed Kitty this fish that turns her into this enormous…Owlbear. The lvl 2 boss had no chance and died within a matter of seconds. Pretty Kitty all of a sudden is no friggin’ joke.

Ashley cheers, “Kity the Owlbear!” As a reward we’re now walking around with this flaming staff, that is on fire all the time, not just in combat.

I admit, it was pretty darn cool.

FATE is like Diablo but with a lot more charm. It’s totally engrossing. I can’t wait to see what we can turn that cat into next…

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1 Response to FATE

  1. Craig Tompkins says:

    Looks pretty cool. To bad there is no multiplayer.


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