Prison Break

Well, the fall TV season started last night with 2 hours of the new Fox show Prison Break. A little hard to believe that a guy would get arrested and sent to jail just to break out his brother, but I was hooked. It looks to be a very entertaining show.

The only question I have is this: how can it last more than one season? I mean unless he doesn’t break out of prison I guess that would be the only way to handle it. And then, he’s only in jail for 2 1/2 years anyway, and then his brother would be dead…so I’m not sure how that would. In the meantime, it’s enjoyable fare.

I too flipped back and forth to MNF and saw the Rams player hurt. You know you’re in fantasy football mode when you think “is that guy on my roster” but then realize he’s part of an entire Defense.

I’m still bumming about my team. 0-16 is a possibility. I should have let the computer draft. Even then, maybe I would have sucked but then I had an excuse. Ugh.

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