The Apocalypse

Nice pick, Denver.

Clarett, who hasn’t played in a game since his freshman year at Ohio State in 2002, could garner interest on the NFL waiver wire, but there is a better chance he would get more interest as a free agent. Teams that may consider Clarett include Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Cleveland, St. Louis and Dallas. The Rams and Cowboys considered taking him as early as the fourth round of the draft.


NO! NO NO NO! I can’t root for this guy. Winslow and Clarett on the same team that I have rooted for since the days of Sipe and Pruitt? This is too nightmarish to even contemplate. Adding Clarett to a roster is like walking into a hospital and asking to be injected with a Cancer strain. If you root for any of the above teams — be afraid. Trust me, I know that of which I speak.

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1 Response to The Apocalypse

  1. mjb2123 says:

    LOL. I know what you mean. Ironically the Steelers are listed and I know the Steelers have no interest. It’s funny how the media sees 2 RB’s on the Steelers depth chart that are injured and BAM – they must be interested in Clarett. I’m not sure there’s a team desperate enough to take this guy.


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