Hilarious NHL 06 Vid

Saw this linked from over at DSP and just had to share.

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5 Responses to Hilarious NHL 06 Vid

  1. Matt says:

    Hey i hate to be an idiot, but what am i looking at? the music is nice but there is nothing going on… i’m guessing i’m just not getting “it.”


  2. Michael says:

    Thats exactly it….the trailer shows hard hitting, non-stop action….the real gameplay has 2 defensemen holding the puck the entire period….when do you see that in a real hockey game? Quite the contrast to the trailer, eh?


  3. kevinpars says:

    It looks like Dean Smith’s 4 corner offense is alive and well.Can you do that with the lead in the 3rd period?


  4. bill says:

    This is most likely on the easy diff lvl and not REALLY how the game will play. I think this series sucks, but if it’s THAT bad I will laugh my ass off.


  5. Teebeebee says:

    This is ridiculous, its a freakin demo, the difficulty level is easy and the sliders aren’t existent yet.Go to http://nhl.pkhl.ru/ download the demo and then download the demo mod that gives you different settings.Stand all by yourself then, bunch of wiseguys in here.


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