Of Tiger and the Tigers

The good thing about having a wife who used to at Suncoast and liked that small plastic card in her wallet a little too much on some days is that we have about a dozen DVDs or so still in the shrink wrap. SoI rounded up a few and headed to Wal Mart today. Goodbye Day After Tomorrow and First Daughter, hello Tiger Woods 2006 (PC Version). Now that’s a trade I think anyone would make, eh?

I’ve got a ton of TiVo catchup to do, but I hope to squeeze in a few rounds tonight and get some impressions up tomorrow. I’m very excited to finally have something new to put my new graphics card through its paces (see the the “sidebar”).

Sidebar: When we got our direct view HDTV in August I wanted to hook up our small form factor PC to it, but Windows looks like hell when run through S-Video. I did some digging and it turns out ATI has a VGA to component adapter that works with their All-in-Wonder 9600 series, which just happened to be what I used in my primary PC so I moved that there. I was going to put my old GeForce Ti4200 in our main PC, but it turns out the card gave up the ghost at some point while sitting in a box I keep full of cables and old PC hardware. Since you can’t run a PC w/o a graphics card I managed to score a GeForce 6800 from NewEgg for $150. I know, I might have done better to spend a bit more on a Radeon X700/800 (or whatever), but frankly, I had nothing but driver hell with the AiW9600 and $150 was really the very most I could spend so I’ll take my chances with the 6800. (This is also why my gaming budget has been zero for the month of September.)

Speaking of all things Tiger. The Detroit Tigers did pretty much the opposite of what I’d hoped they do this season and actually did quite a bit worse than I thought would be a worst case scenario of a near .500 season. Instead they’re around a dozen games under after one of the most horrific September swoons I’ve seen. Two eight game losing streaks in one month? Ack!

To be fair, injuries have really taken their toll on this team, but I think the consensus is they still underperformed (badly). And it appears that Alan Trammell is going to get the boot at some point in the not so distant future. While I’ll understand if he gets the axe, I don’t really count myself among the fans who are eager to see him gone. The guy got sucked into managing a club in 2003 that would struggle to win in AAA and the team did improve by about 20 games last year. Unfortunately, the way the Detroit beat writers talk about it, most of the players have really tuned him out at this point and if that’s true then I’m not sure what else can be done but to bring in someone else. It’s disappointing though, as I think any true Tiger fan really wants to see The Tram (and his coaching staff of ’84 heroes) make this thing work. Ah well. Fans of the punchless kittens will just have to wait and hope that 2006 brings better results.

ps – Ted, if you’re reading, sorry I wan’t on Live on Sunday. I fell asleep on the couch within about 15 minutes of The West Wing ending.

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3 Responses to Of Tiger and the Tigers

  1. Craig Tompkins says:

    Tiger 2006 (PC) is MUCH harder than last years. Just a touch off and you can forget about it. Practice Practice Practice


  2. Matt says:

    Man I would never trade Katie Holmes for Tiger Woods. never ever. ;-)On a different note I see that the show “Nightstalker” premieres tonight on abc at 8 central. The only reason i am even giving it a shot is because two guys from the X-files, Frank Spotnitz who was a writer for many episodes and produced some of my personnal favorite episodes, and Dan Sackheim who was a producer, are producing and director of the series. Just a heads up in case someone cares to get in on the begging instead of missing the first episodes. (lol)


  3. Ted says:

    No worries. I waited until 8:05 and then moved on to something else. Maybe another time?


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