More Blitz

Well I was up last night until 3am playing Blitz. I played 7 games. I won 3 games. Washington, led by Michael Vick’s alter ego Ron Mexico, is definitely the hardest team to play against.

Each team does play differently, and I like that a lot. I still don’t feel as though the game hits me with NFL Blitz cheat logic..all of it seems legit. Even when the other team goes into their special bullet time mode, it doesn’t feel like say NFL Street where it’s blatant.

I can say–bet early and often on the games — especially if you’re the underdog and you’re not playing Washington.

I’m trying to hook up with Steve Noah from OpSports to try an online game. Even though it’s not really Xbox Live, I just want to bitch slap Steve and prove he’s a little girl. LOL


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