Quick Hit: NBA 2K6

I’m still finishing up my trek through Fable: The Lost Chapters, but I did get to play some NBA 2K6 last night and um…wow.

Based on a 1 hour impression, this game is really, really good. Thing is, I have never been a huge fan of this series but this version plays like a totally different game. Much more to come as I get some other work done. (Breeders Cup stuff is coming guys, promise.)

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2 Responses to Quick Hit: NBA 2K6

  1. davet010 says:

    A fable related question..I’m running Nvdia 6800 in my machine, and keep getting crash back to desktop when moving from one zone to another – did you have this problem, Bill ?It’s starting to get a little annoying..


  2. bill says:

    Dave I have an ATI Radeon. It worked fine. Aside from the old “update your drivers” stuff, I dunno man.


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