If you don’t like the weather in New England…

wait a minute. The snow we had here yesterday is now replaced by lovely 65 degree weather. You never know.

Last night the NE Revolution played on a field with snow. I bet wearing shorts was fun for those guys! At least they won the game and on aggregate so the Revs continue their MLS dominance. The whole getting-the-winning-goal-in-the-84′ thing is tiring though. At least they keep doing it though, so there’s that.

OMG..only 3 weeks until Xbox 360 hits. Of course, I’m really hoping that being a videogame reviewer will pay off for me, but I’m not sure this time around. (Yes, quite often videogame reviewers get the console). I know you all feel bad for me if I have to pay, but damn, for $400 and $60 a game, that’s some serious pain.

Of course, I know I’ll go buy it even if I have no games for it, because mainly I’m an idiot and have to have it. As everyone knows, the more you wait, the better the deal. For example, this holiday season the PSP will now have a 1GB memory stick…a stick that I paid $90 for. Then again, the PSP price will be $299 instead of $249 so I guess it works out and I did get Spider Man 2 for free…

I just picked up Virtua Tennis for PSP, and I really like it. True, it’s not much different from the Dreamcast days..but on a handheld that’s very cool. Today is Trick or Treat day here for the kids (for some bizarre reason, the way to avoid the terrorists is to have Trick or Treating the day before Halloween), so we’ll be doing that and be back in time for the Pats game tonight. And the moons have all aligned — Desperate Housewives, etc are in repeats today. Then again, Rome is new, so I gotta watch that. Gah! So many choices…

Okay, I gotta go review Top Spin for PS2. My advice: go with Virtua Tennis PSP.


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