Wow, if you thought Simms sucked…

May I raise you the ESPN announcing crew? Holy crap. I am glad I don’t watch Sunday Night Football that often, because my god…Joe, Al, and Mike are just plain horrid. I know Bill Simmons makes fun of the weekly, but man, that just doesn’t begin to talk about how bad they are. Yes, I know Tedi just came back. Eric Moulds sure did push off. Insert your own Joe goes on air and they tell him to break a leg joke here.

I’ts a pretty good fantasy week for me as I’ve already won this weeks game even though my QB and one of my RBs have yet to play, bringing my record up to a whopping 3-5. This is the last year I have a 18 team league. There’s just zero players available and makes it very difficult to enjoy.

I picked up Grand Theft Auto for the PSP over the weekend. So far I’m really enjoying it. Alrighty, time to get to work…


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2 Responses to Wow, if you thought Simms sucked…

  1. Glen says:

    Being a Packer fan, I really don’t have the right to mock any team, but did anyone see the end of the Bears/Lions game? Jeff Garcia would start his drop and then start looking to run. I can’t ever recall seeing a veteran QB that was that scared in the pocket. It’s no wonder he threw that ball across his body while running for his life in overtime. It wasn’t a matter of who would win that game, it was just a matter of how the Bears would do it.


  2. champsxfive says:

    So glad someone agrees. The ESPN Sunday Night team is unbearable. Truly ruin my Sunday night football watching to the point of hitting the mute button.


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