OK You TV Guys…

I am once again hitting you TV gurus up for some infop re: our
big TV purchase this spring when we move. A few months ago, a lot of you suggested the Samsung 61″ DLP. I can get this TV for around $2500. The reviews I have read are pretty glowing for this.

Tonight, Consumer Reports lead me to the Sharp 56″ DLP. I can get this for abour 2 grand.

Finally, there’s the 37″ Westinghouse that supports 1080p.

The kicker here is that

I obviously need this to be a gaming TV as well as a regular TV. The dimensions in our new family room will be 17.4′ 13.5′. So it’s somewhat rectangular. I was planning on putting the TV on the long wall, but would a 61″ TV be too big for that? I’d rather not put the TV at the end wall because I wouldn’t have a very good direct viewing line unless I closed off the room with chairs or a couch. I don’t want to do that. So would a smaller TV with better picture quality be the way to go or do you all think a 61″ TV would still be ok for those dimensions?

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5 Responses to OK You TV Guys…

  1. Dan Clarke says:

    As mentioned here a bazillion times before I have a Samsung 50″ DLP and it’s pretty big. You do have to be careful..I can’t imagine having a 61″ in the room. Well I can, but it would be gi-normous.I have a tough time believing anything Sharp makes is good. It’s one of those companies that you think should be good but never is. I can’t comment on their TVs but their other appliances I’ve never had good luck with (microwaves specifically)


  2. wco81 says:

    You could start with this:http://www.myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancecalculator.htmlWatch out for DLP lag, refresh rates when evaluating whether these particular models would be good for gaming.Also rainbow effect with DLPs. Best to look at these in person before ordering online. And if the price difference isn’t that great, it might be worth buying locally, at least have the option to return.Sharp is the leader in LCD flat panels. Don’t know about their DLP or other offerings though.For 1080p displays, be very careful, especially in an LCD for things like refresh rate.1080p displays have started to appear but are mostly in the high-end price-wise. And even the $5000 Sony SXRDs only have 1080i inputs.So I’d try to stay well under $2000 and then in a couple of years, look at what SED and FED brings.


  3. Brent D says:

    Bill,Just FYI I failed to go into why I mentioned the Westinghouse over at DSP. I was throwing it out as a good bedroom TV/Computer monitor.I know you play/review alot of PC games and what better then playing on a 37″ display… The TV has a handy dandy VGA input and only weighs 44 pounds (w/o display). So if you plan on a marathon run for a PC review (and the wife allows) you can move it over the computer. Anyway best of luck in whatever choice you make. I have always stayed out of the name brand end of discussioins because you can get lemons from all of them. Get a good warranty plan and you are set no matter which you choose. TV’s are the only item I will pay for an extended warranty. Once you go HD you never want to go back.P.S. Imagine the PC version of Tiger Woods on that TV. ;


  4. Lord Flatus says:

    The Samsungs have a notorious lag for 480i gaming, so if you plan on using a PS2 you might want to forget about that.If you search for the THX websiste with viewing distance recommendations, you will find that for a 61″ set they recommend around 8.9 feet. 🙂 I have a room similar to yours and am ab out to pull the trigger on….60″ Sony SXRD. 1080p display and fast chip. Bright. The picture gets rave reviews from all. I have found an online place where I can get it for $4,675.75 delivered complete with Sony stand and 5 year extended warranty that includes one bulb replacement.Yeah, it’s a lot. But it’s the best. I’m not too worried about the 1080p input thing. It’ll take a long time for 1080p content to be easily obtainable.


  5. bill says:

    Thought this was an interesting read for noobs. A bit old, though. http://espn.com.com/4520-8900_7-5138617-1.html?tag=txt


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