Thoughts on Mariucci

I’m home on vacation this week and have a ton of work to do around the house now that I’m back from a long (but fun) Thanksgiving spent out of town with family so I’m not going to dwell over long on the Lions sending Mariucci packing yesterday. But I will say this, cutting Mooch loose is regrettable, but it is absoutely the right move.

People can debate all day about Matt Millen needing the boot too, or the need for the Fords to sell the team (they’re the only constant in a half decade of losing football, after all), but Mooch’s tenure as coach of the Lions is a dismal failure. His offense is archaic. He’s allowed the lunatics in the Lions locker room to run the nuthouse. And he’s completely mishandled his younger players, especially with regards to his atrocious treatment of Joey Harrington.

I get that Steve is a nice guy. That people around the league think the world of him. But he’s completely mishandled this team and the fact that only Dre Bly has spoken in his defense is pretty telling. And Bly, by the way, is an idiot to place all the blame for this dismal season at Harrington’s feet as he did on the NFL Network yesterday (completely classless, btw). Even Jeff Garcia, Mooch’s golden child, thinks the old ball coach was far too lenient on the players, the wide receivers in particular.

My hope is that this gives Harrington a new lease on life. The QB coach (I forget his name) now takes over as offensive coordinator. Last season when the same coach took over play calling for the final three games Harrington had his best output of the season, including two games throwing over 300 yards. At any rate, they’ve got five games to decide who among the players should go, and who should stay. Millen may have botched his job unforgivably the past few years, but he was right about one thing at yesterday’s press conference: This team has too much talent to play this badly.

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3 Responses to Thoughts on Mariucci

  1. Glen says:

    To me, the one thing that will define the Lions is 3 WR’s picked in the first round over the last 3 years. Madden is running that team into the ground and even though I’m a Packer fan, it’s sad to see the Fords sticking with a man who obviously doesn’t have a clue how to run a franchise. Seriously, how many GM’s will get 3 chances at selecting the coach for your team before they get their lunch box handed to them on the way out the door?


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    Whether it be cars or football, the Fords suck


  3. kingsrok says:

    it is strange that while in san francisco he got more out of those teams than they were talented, and then in detroit he produced less than the talent he had. i he did not do very well at cal before he was hired in SF. while in detroit, it seemed that one of the main problems is the o-line. that problem seems to stem directly from the talent aquired. if they do not fix that then the next HC is not going to fair much better. i am not a fan of either team, but i liked what mooch brought to the table in SF. i think maybe he needs to step back a season as a OC for somebody and get a feel for all that a head coach needs to do. sometimes you can press too much in frustration and miss the little details you might have caught otherwise.


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