Back Online…For Good I Hope

After another day of very spotty phone and net connections, I think I am good to go now. Just a few tidbits before I go get Ashley from school:

  • Everything I am reading, including some inside stuff from an ABC exec (2nd hand) is that it’s Ohio State – Notre Dame in the Fiesta. That’s about an 80% chance right now. Oregon fans, don’t get mad at OSU, get mad at ND and the fact that the BCS is all about $$$.
  • OS has the full CH2K6 rosters available for download in their forum.
  • I finally started my Legacy last night — using the Mt. Saint Mary’s Mountaineers. I beat Boston U 77-70 in the opener. I hear what Todd is saying…stilll — great ass game. As a guy who just doesn’t like the NBA all that much, this game is exactly what the Dr. ordered. Plus there is a lot of new stuff, particularly in the recruiting interface.
  • New screens of EA’s college baseball game are online. I still have NO idea what to make of this game.
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