Here’s wishing you a happy cat birthday

I have to say the Verizon DSL commercials are pretty funny.

Anyhoo, just received word that the Bruins have traded Thornton for 3 guys from the Sharks. A complete, total shock. But then again, the Bruins have sucked so much ass, what isn’t surprising from a cheapskate owner like that.

Speaking of shitty owners, how about those Orioles? Hey, I know you’ll pay me $5 million more but you suck so I’m going to stay with Chicago said Mr. Konerko. We already know about BJ Ryan…who I still think isn’t that big of a loss. Hey remember that All-Star game. Try living with that 50 times a year. Ugh.

But anyway, I guess the Chicago papers reported that Konerko has a degenerative hip just like Albert Belle, although it’s not that bad. The O’s also gave Belle the exact same money. Belle was also from Chicago. WTF? So maybe it’s better it’s left alone.

Baseball already depresses me. I really wish that someone else would buy the Orioles. Ugh.

Anyone watch Lost? Anyone catch Sayid on the TV when Kate visited her pseudo-dad? Cute. This must be some sort of purgatory, you know the whole ‘ghost’ thing and bad people are around and good people have been taken? And what’s with the IM on an Apple ][? That’s a new one by me!!!!

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2 Responses to Here’s wishing you a happy cat birthday

  1. Jonah Falcon says:

    Your loyalties are pretty flexible, Dan. I’m sure you’ll be rooting for the Blue Jays in 2006 next.


  2. Jonah Falcon says:

    By the way, Kevin Garnett gave all his teammates XBox 360’s. 😀


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