Where’s the Fight Songs?

Okay, this has no bearing on gameplay whatsoever, but did I miss a memo with regards to the inclusion of fight songs in College Hoops 2k6? Surely I must be missing something? I mean I know Hail to the Victors isn’t there and if the 2k “Beats” playlist is any indication there isn’t a single Big Ten school fight song in the mix. In fact, a whole lot of big time schools don’t have their fight songs in the list. Does anyone know if this was a contractual thing? Seriously, what the hell? Does EA’s NCAA license include exclusive use of fight songs for half the prime schools in games? (I’d say that’s too stupid to be true, but it’s EA, it’s the NCAA and it’s America, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the leas if that is, in fact, the case.)

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3 Responses to Where’s the Fight Songs?

  1. Brent D says:

    Copied this from my reply last week at DSP…One minor issue you will find in the Big Ten is they messed up the center court logo for Indiana. I have no idea why because they had it right last year? Anyway it is supposed to be the white state with IU inside. The game only has IU. I would not even mention this if we were talking about a mid-major but Indiana is a screweup worth mentioning.Also some of the larger schools do not play the right school song. Stupid part is they have a create a team feature that is pretty much useless (since 300+ teams are in the game) where you can select and use any fight song available. Yet in the Edit an Existing Team mode they do not have the option to change the fight song. Which would have been the easy solution instead of replying on your Q&A guys to get it right.Atmosphere is a big part of college hoops. If you are a fan of Indiana and they screw up your court, and have the wrong fight song I can see where you might get a little miffed.—–So go to Create a school and you will find your schools song exists, you just have no way to use it w/o creating a new team.No EA conspiracy this time. 😉


  2. Brent D says:

    Edit forgot to post the linkhttp://2ksports.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68177&page=2One solution is to download the Michigan fight song and any other ichigan cheers, etc, and stick them in the Custom Soundtracks.


  3. Todd says:

    Brent, thanks much for the link and the info. I was wondering if using the custom arena music, at least for Michigan, might work.Egad, why does the 2k line continue to have nuckle-headed mistakes like this year after year?


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