Bill Harris ruined my day

As you are aware, Bill Harris (ex-Gone Gold, now Dubious Quality) and us chat often. Probably too much.

Bill was ‘kind’ enough to mention New Star Soccer 3 in passing for the PC. Bill, thanks so much, I really didn’t need to have any other life outside of this game.

You don’t play this game for the graphics, instead you play it for the crack addiction that it is. I created a player, run him through the usual RPG-esque skills, and then wait for a contract from the Revs. I get one and get paid on MLS scale (ie crap).

I then try to build my skills up, and between games, hit the horse races (Bill Abner would love this). I pick a 33-1 who places, and I’m in the money. A lovely girl hits on me, and I ask her out, but because she likes bling and all I have is a bicycle (MLS remember), she says no and takes her confidence with me. Coach decides not to play me (even as a sub) because my confidence is low.

In order to boost my confidence, I start drinking, which then affects my energy. I take an energy drink which helps but then consider other, um supplements.

In the meantime coach hasn’t put me in yet, and I’m still gambling. Obviously I didn’t get a cap for the National team this time around.

Oh yeah, and this is only week 4 of the time limited demo. Can it get better? For $19.99, I think so. Try it out by clicking here.

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