Remember the Alamo

I just sat and watched the most stunningly poor officated football game of recent memory. I’m sure Todd will chime in, but damn that is a tough, tough way to lose a Bowl game.

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3 Responses to Remember the Alamo

  1. Equalizer says:

    ahh.. rewatched the Buckeyes vs. THE U National championship game did ya…I’m pretty much over it but when someone brings up officiating it does not get any worse than that.EQ


  2. wig says:

    I wanted Michigan to lose, but I was praying for that last play to score.I wanted to see the refs explode while trying to figure out what to do.


  3. AndyDursin says:

    The officiating was godawful on BOTH sides. Granted Michigan’s loss of time-outs were a hideous, inexplicable occurrence, but the bad calls were all over the field — how about the atrocious “kick catch interference” that was called on the Nebraska cover guy who perfectly timed his hit? That Sun Belt crew was an equal-opportunity offender…how did they ever get to call that game?


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