Happy New Years Eve Eve

Well, after reading the Baltimore Sun online, it was great to see all the current Orioles who came out for Elrod Hendricks funeral….oh wait, there was only one current Orioles — Melvin “The Meat” Mora. Thank you Melvin, I will remember this, and I appreciate it. At least someone remembers the Oriole way.

As the photos show Brooks Robinson, Rick Dempsey, Eddie Murray, and Doug DeCinces, I often wonder if we could bring them all back. We’d probably have a better team. Heh.

Tejada wants to spread the wealth of giving B-12 shots to other teams. I think at this point, I’m tired of hearing the whining. I thought the idea of Tejada and Roberts would be awesome. Now I’m not so sure and ready to move on.

Just finished my Tiger Woods review for the Xbox 360. I don’t want to spoil the review, but I don’t want you to blow $60 either. Unless your name is Craig, and then the joke is on you. Actually when I first put the game in, it just looked great. Yup, the graphics whore in me took over. Then I played it. Sorry!

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