Happy New Year! Those of you watching on the East Coast, just found out something that we never thought could happen: Dick Clark is human. It was great to see him back on one hand, but also very sad to see what a stroke can do to you.

Boy if they really think those new Coke ads are really going to strengthen the brand, I have a great golf game for the Xbox 360 to show you. Heh.

So I’m reading this article at Xbox 360.com. Anyone see the part where it says you can play Burnout Revenge over Xbox Live Gold, which is only available on the Xbox 360? How come the play list doesn’t list Burnout Revenge as a playable game and how come when I put it into my Xbox 360 it says I can’t play it then? See what happens when you outsource your writing Microsoft? 🙂

I now have Dead Or Alive 4. The online play is pretty good. I love the Las Vegas like scene where you have to dodge traffic while fighting. A guy online nailed me into a police car. It was pretty funny. I have unlocked the “lose 5 consecutive matches on Xbox Live” achievement. So there’s that. (No gamerpoints for that). Jury is still out on this. So far I think there are a lot of high ratings from lonely men who pleasure themselves on watching bouncy boobies. So , 9/10 for me. heh.

I was bummed to see Spikeout Battle Street isn’t playable on Xbox 360. Dammit.

Alright, now that the ball is dropped, back to some hot Xbox 360 action.

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1 Response to Uhh…

  1. Jonah Falcon says:

    Um. Dan? They’re talking about Burnout Revenge for the XBox 360, not the original XBox.http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/driving/burnoutrevenge/


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