Win a Free Copy of the 2006 Gamer’s Tome (Last Chance)

This is a repost of the contest info:

Que sent me 20 copies of my book last night. I love how it turned out, at least from a presenatation point of view. There’s a few things I’d do differently and there are a few games in the book that shouldn’t be (Path of Neo turned out to be ass-tastic) but for the most part I’m happy with how it all came out. To actually hold a 300+ page book with your name on the cover is admittedly really cool.

That said, I think we should do some kind of contest so a lucky blog reader can score a free signed copy of the book. Show it off to friends! Impress your boss!

I’m thinking of a January Bowl game Pick Em contest, which would include:

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech / Alabama
Outback: Iowa / Florida
Gator: Louisville / V-Tech
Capital One: Wisconsin / Auburn
Fiesta: OSU / Notre Dame
Sugar: WVU / Georgia
Orange: Penn State / FSU
Rose: USC / Texas

You can submit your picks via the commemts or by sending an email.
I’ll repost this every few days up until the Bowl games. (I wish we could “sticky” a post..but I dunno if that’s doable)

Pick a winner for each game and for the tie breaker pick the final score of the Rose Bowl. Whoever gets the most wins and nails the final score of the Rose Bowl gets a signed copy of the book. If you already pre-ordered a copy, that’s cool, you can get a free one to give out to a friend or to use as a very effective coaster.

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3 Responses to Win a Free Copy of the 2006 Gamer’s Tome (Last Chance)

  1. Ziggy says:

    Cotton – TTechOutback – FloridaGator – VTechCapital One – WisconsinFiesta – Notre Dame (Sorry Bill)Sugar – GeorgiaOrange – Penn St.Rose – USC 35 Texas 10


  2. brian says:

    Cotton Bowl: Texas TechOutback: FloridaGator: V-TechCapital One: AuburnFiesta: OSU Sugar: GeorgiaOrange: Penn State Rose: Texas 35 USC 31brian


  3. Internet Browser says:

    Cool. When does the contest end..I mean do you have a set date?Jane @


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