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Just When I Think I'm Out…

Damn it. I thought I had extinguished the bug, but two games have pulled me back in. World of WarCraft and Guild Wars are both getting PT right now. I last played WoW in August ’05 and Guild Wars was … Continue reading

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MVP Correction

Okay, when I first played MVP for some stupid reason, when I was pitching, I had it on the CF camera instead of the home plate camera. Needless to say there’s a huge difference. Sorry! Playing online now and having … Continue reading

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Good Stuff

As an unabashed hater of ESPN, I found this spoof to be just plain awesome.

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Graphics Whore & My Personal Hell

1. I received MVP NCAA Baseball 06 from Gamefly today. I put it in the system and oh my god, I think I’ve been officially spoiled on the Xbox 360. These grahpics are horrid comparied to the 360. I guess … Continue reading

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Anyone Else Getting D&D Online?

In doing research for the book, I really liked what I read and found out about D&D Online. Despite the rather predictable rumblings from beta testers (show me an MMO without disgruntled beta testers and I’ll show you a chicken … Continue reading

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MVP Review

Gshark posted it today. And, no, I did not write the lead in saying it was the best college baseball game to come out in a long time. So no wise cracks. heh

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College Baseball Stats

If you have the hankering, you can check out up to the day college box scores right here. Another good tool for slider-guys that want to check out real stats.

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