Anyone Else Getting D&D Online?

In doing research for the book, I really liked what I read and found out about D&D Online. Despite the rather predictable rumblings from beta testers (show me an MMO without disgruntled beta testers and I’ll show you a chicken that can sing the National Anthem), I still think the game has loads of potential, especially when playing in groups.

Here is a fairly comprehensive FAQ about it.

Anyone taking the plunge on this?

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7 Responses to Anyone Else Getting D&D Online?

  1. Jonah Falcon says:

    I did the recent beta, and have preordered it.My issue is that while playing a thief, I didn’t FEEL like a thief — just a weak-hitting fighter.We’ll see — I plan to be a thief again, and if I enjoy myself, I’ll go beyond the first month.


  2. serialmike says:

    i was very excited about this game for the last 6 months.I played 2 stess tests and became quite discourqaged with it …i dont know why.Im not sure im even going to buy it now.Im stil playing WoW….so sad,lol


  3. bill says:

    Ok guys, I need more meat than THAT. heh. Jonah, Mike, what’s it like, gameplay wise. Mike, what was discouraging?


  4. Jonah Falcon says:

    1. It’s not good-looking.2. It’s pretty cheesy in terms of control and the fighting is reminiscient of pre=Tomb Raider.3. There’s no real sense of character. The classes are seem like fighter or not-fighter. 4. There’s no sense I’m playing a D&D game.


  5. Dan says:

    Bill -I’ve played it and I am planning on getting it. I think it is an good game, and I love how it cuts out a lot of the typical MMO stuff.The biggest complaint I hear from people is that it’s not like WOW. Well no shit, isn’t this what everyone complained about a few years ago that all MMO’s were just like EQ and no one is doing anything different?Turbine as usual has taken some chances with their game, many people won’t like it. But I think it is unique enough to warrant a look.


  6. Jonah Falcon says:

    Dan, I could be playing Tunnels & Trolls for all I know.There’s NO identity at all in this game. And the gameplay is sub-average. I’m not comparing it to EQ or WOW or COH or even UO. It’s just bland and boring.


  7. serialmike says:

    I loved the way it looked at first glance. But i realy cant stand the character models. the stand kind of sideways and all look like they are gay…so the tavern looks like the blue oyster…..REALLY! So right there i lose a great deal of atatchment to my character.I played a pally and a fighter…like stated by someone else….couldnt tell the difference at all!maybe its just becaue its early but i was very scared off by my stress test. I did love the quests as it had puzzle solving as you did the quest..trip this lever find your way thru maze….detect trap find ways around use your skills. etc


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