Just When I Think I'm Out…

Damn it. I thought I had extinguished the bug, but two games have pulled me back in.

World of WarCraft and Guild Wars are both getting PT right now. I last played WoW in August ’05 and Guild Wars was last played in late Sept. but after a brief period of “how do I play this again?” I’m back at it.

Not good…

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5 Responses to Just When I Think I'm Out…

  1. davet010 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, I got dragged back in after finally exhausting City of Heroes/Villains.Now up to lvl 15, and making a fair bit of cash (almost 10g jingling in my dwarven pockets..)


  2. serialmike says:

    Welcome back bill….I have been playing almost non stop since march 05I now have a 60 pally with half of the LF set and pally elite mount. A 51 priest, a 41 rogue, a 36 warrior, a 32 mage and a 18 warlock, I cannot stop playing WoW….i thought DandD was going to be my out but it doesnt look like it.Im on Uther all alliance…..Pally=Eviledrogue=Legalyapriest=Drhealmage=Ladyshevawarrior=DoruWarlock=Diemagive me a shout!we Use Teamspeak to talk if you like…usually we just BS while playing 🙂


  3. bill says:

    I’m on Eonar and the PvP server Tichondrious.


  4. Dan says:

    Bill -I am playing GW, I never got into it at release, but while my 360 was in for repair picked it up again and now I am hooked.Let me know and we can adventure sometime together.


  5. Liquidated says:

    ooo bill in GW? no desire to play GW or WOW but if bill is there….must resist.Cheers!-Liq


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