Happy Friday

Well, I broke down and purchased Fight Night for Xbox 360. I haven’t been able to play it because it’s my 5 year old’s school vacation this week and he’s been playing NFS Most Wanted, Call of Duty 2 and Full Auto more than I have.

While there may be some debate about him playing a T rated game, I have seen Call of Duty, I don’t think it’s any worse that what he sees on TV, and I was there with him going through the game the first time, although, he can now play it on his own. Family controls are very helpful here :).

I picked up a 250GB HD from CC today also for $149.99, but with $80 in rebates. If I get teh rebates, that’s certainly not a bad deal at all.

While at CC I also picked up Knight Rider seasons 1 and 2, just becuase the kids were asking for it. I got home a little early from work today and we watched the 2 hour pilot together. Great family viewing. It was a little weird seeing the pilot, as I hadn’t before.

I then went over to BB, picked up the Electric Company DVD and finally found a car charger for my Blackberry. You’d think these things would be easier to find, but noooo.

Interestingly enough I went to CC to find a new MP3 player now that my wife has taken my Iriver T10. I saw the Sansa M260 for $199.99, but on CC.com I saw it for $159. I can then use my simple rebate account to get more money back. So that’s awesome, but I have to drive the @#$ck back down there tomorrow. But you also get an $80 rebate if you sign up for Rhapsody, so it’s all good, i guess…..

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