Easy Reader, That's My Name…Uh..Uhh.Uhhh

So, here’s what I did last night:
* Watched the 2 hour pilot episode of Knight Rider
* Watched 2 Electric Company episodes.
* Played Call of Duty 2
* Played Fight Night Round 3
* Bought some new Gamer Photos
* Reinstalled Windows XP on my new 250GB HD.

Did you know that XP (old) doesn’t recognize disk space over 137 GB? So I had to go through all the windows update downloads before I had to show another partition of the Hard drive. Talk about annoying. Still have loads to install and I have to work now. Ugh.

Electric Company rules. Morgan Freeman stars as “Easy Reader” with a song that’s heavy for all the cool cats out there. Love of Chair has to be the best soap opera ever. I already think my 5 year old son is learning things from it. And it’s just three episodes. Why PBS didn’t keep this show on the air is mind boggling. I mean the 70s factor is in full effect in the first three episodes, from the guitar feedback to the graphics….wow.

Fight Night Round 3 is a lot of fun to play. I totally agree with Todd — just like other sports games — buying clothing should not enhance your attributes. Gee, if I only bought shorts, then I could move around faster? WTF! Thankfully the game is a lot of fun — definitely not perfect. Madden has better commentary. By the start of my first Ali-Frazier rematch I’ve heard all the comments already! Ugh.

Alright, gotta jump in the shower, ttyl.

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