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Just FYI, MLB 06: The Show is released this week for PS2 and PSP. Although for the most part my PS2 is picking up dust, I’m going to give both games a shot. I enjoyed the PSP game last year, but didn’t really enjoy the PS2 version — although I was a fan from other years of the game. I think someone will assign my the games as well :).

In gaming news, I’m still fighting my son for Xbox 360 time. The one good thing is that we have found a game we can enjoy together: Full Auto. Racing + Crashing + Weapons = Fun. Yes, there are some frame rate issues from time to time, but not enough to affect the gameplay. If you like carnage and firetrucks this game is for you. Talk about connecting with your kids — Wow a firetruck! I crashed into it, etc. So we’re having fun. It’s mindless fun, and sometimes you need that, especially in a dangerous world…the world of the Knight Rider.

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