Funny anecdote about Knight Rider

Many times, a TV-to-DVD set isn’t released because of a lack of music clearances. That’s why you’ll never see WKRP in Cincinnati on DVD. Every piece of music that they used on the show would have to be paid for. Of course in 1979, that wasn’t a big deal. Today, it is huge. Kinda like how all those samples on the Beastie Boys album Paul’s Boutique could be done, because it was the late 80s….now you’d never be able to pay enough for all those samples.

Anyway, I digress…as we watch yet another Knight Rider episode, I was astounded by all the music in them… there’s Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard on Me by Juice Newton…and then You Were Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson…except, upon further review, it wasn’t by either one of them…they used sound alikes.

Hey, this isn’t a bad idea to get through all those clearances they needed for the DVD — but then it struck me…one of the things I despised about this show when I was 11 was that they used ‘fake’ songs during it. So to recap, they were too cheap to pay for songs in the first place, which is kind of funny. But if they did pay for the songs to air, they probably wouldn’t have been able to release the DVD set because of the clearances…so kind of ironic, don’t you think?

So there’s my anecdote. Hope you enjoyed it.

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