Hey You Guyyyyys…

My fascination with my childhood continued this weekend. I continued to watch the Electric Company and marveled at how The chauffeur in Driving Miss Daisy helped me read. I didn’t realize that one little girl in the Short Circus sang Fame and Flashdance (What A Feeling).

What’s even more amazing is that my pre-school aged son is just loving this DVD set. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen him this curious in reading before this show. Really.

Then for my daughter, there’s Knight Rider. We now have to use the show’s sign off when we say good night — “Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a Dangerous World…the world of the Knight Rider.” Not that anyone really knows WTF that means, but still. I think I have seen enough Knight Rider this weekend though. Between the Pilot and the ‘sequel’ called Knight Rider 2000 — which really sucked (they killed Devin!), I’m tapped out.

Now, Easy Reader, I could keep watching that. That’s heavy….

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