360 Cometh and More M-Zone

Well, as I’m sure has been obvious from my silence on the matter, I am still without a 360. I never strayed too far from my front door on Friday as I waited for the big brown truck to show up, stirring up visions of a Tim Allen bit in which he describes the UPS arriving while he waited on the front porch with his dog. Said Tim, “I got too excited. I ran up and smelled the driver’s butt while the dog got the box. It can happen!”

Alas, I have no dog, I saw no truck and by 5:00 I had to suck it up and pick up our son from daycare (Ana was at home with me for some speech therapy stuff – damn ear infections). On the way out of the neighborhood we passed the UPS truck so I did what any shameless geek would: I turned around, flagged the guy down and asked if he had a package for my house. After fixing me with his best, “Are you serious?” look of disdain he checked his delivery list and I had officially struck out. It’s really not right that I should be deprived any College Hoops gameplay at the height of March Madness, but what can you do?

There was no joy in Mudville on Monday either. Tuesday, as it turns out, the guy did show, but they won’t deliver it without someone to sign, so today I’ll be heading home early to ensure a smooth transition from truck to enterntainment center.

On another note. My Hack of the Week last week, ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, did apologize for plagiarizing the M-Zone blog last week. Does an apology count if you only do it because the entire blogosphere has come down on your head? What an ass. I was listening to his show again on Monday during my lunch break and my god, whenever he goes off monologuing it’s just an awful listening experience. Anyway, M-Zone had a hysterical summation of the experience on their blog today that’s well worth a read. Here’s an R-rated snippet:

College football fans across America knew something was seriously amiss when even Buckeye fans rallied around the maize and blue cause.

“That could have been us in their shoes,” said O-Zone member MichiganCan LickMyBigHairy NutSack427. “But by the grace of God – and by God, I mean Tressel – that could have been one of our ‘Fuck Michigan, you cock sucking faggots!’ bits being read on the air with no credit. Although, we are trying to trademark “Fuck Michigan” so that will never be a problem. Either way, we supported them this time. Now that it’s over, we think they’re all big fags again. 4-1! We own you bitches!!”

All I can say is this: Space, Bitches. Space.

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5 Responses to 360 Cometh and More M-Zone

  1. srudoff says:

    hmmmmmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_Module”After the conclusion of the Apollo program, the CSM saw service as a ferry for the Skylab program “more like Ferry, Bitches, Ferry.


  2. srudoff says:

    and of course, speaking of Michigan and ferries….http://washingtontimes.com/national/20030818-122317-3268r.htm🙂


  3. Todd says:

    Except that the link says the CSM acted as a ferry for the Skylab program “after the conclusion of the Apollo program,” so there! …as for the class thing… uh… well… “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” 🙂


  4. Dan Clarke says:

    Uhh, why are you still listening to that guy then?


  5. Todd says:

    Because I was in the car at lunch and there was neither jack nor sh#@ on the radio….I also wanted to see if the wonk was going to apologize, which I must’ve missed.


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