Hump Day Musings

Huh huh, he said hump, huh huh huh.

Bill, what do you mean about Oblivion on a 360 not being the way it’s meant to be seen? Seriously..1080, in HD? Vs a computer? Unless you have some Alienware 23482030585 GHz computer, I’d pick the 360 version.

Disclaimer: Although I have the 360 version sitting here from Gamefly, I have yet to try it. Yeah, sorry about that ‘short wait’ on that game. My bad!

Once you go 360 it’s very tough to fire up the old Xbox. Just the wireless controller is awesome. Hey, I was a little skeptical and bitter because I didn’t get a reviwer’s unit (I admit it)….but damn, there isn’t a day that I don’t try to play that system…if only to get another 10 gamerpoints…

Thanks to Phoenix for letting me know that John Kerry rider and the celery thing was incorrect — I thought John wanted celery even though he didn’t like it — but the celery thing was for his wife. Sorry!

Rumble Roses XX just shipped for me from Gamefly! Wee! Of course, living on the other side of the shipping center, it takes a friggin long time to get it, but I’m looking forward to it.

In sports news, I see that AJ Burnett is going on the DL. Wow all those Toronto signings are looking not so brilliant now. I’m still hoping for a good year for the O’s. I guess what I’ll do is take the free preview of MLB Extra Innings. If they win more than they lose, I’ll buy it. If they go 0-7, I’ll spend the $159 on other things. Have any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Hump Day Musings

  1. Jonah Falcon says:

    Dan and his love of big, bouncy breasts…


  2. bill says:

    I’m saying I have seen the game on a 360 on a very nice (37″ flat screen) set and I have seen the game on a monstrous fully loaded PC and the PC version looks, IMO, significantly more detailed when you are able to turn on all of the video option doo dads. Of course you need a NASA sanctioned PC to get that detail but still..


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