The Closer

First off, thanks a ton for all of the TV advice. I really appreciate that. I’m about 90% sure I’m going with the 61″ DLP Samsung. I can get a really good deal on it and I’m happy with most of the online reviews on that model. I also have to save some cash for a zero-turn lawn mower, which is going to run a couple of grand. When all of this is said and done our savings will be kaput…but we knew that going into this.

We closed on the new house Monday. It’s ours. We still have paint touch up to do but other than that, it’s a done deal. We start moving in on Saturday and should be fully moved by the end of next week. Of course I still have the current house to sell…but hey, no worries, right?

I’ll take some pics of the interior before we start moving stuff in just so you guys can see the new digs. We like it a lot. I’m going with DirecTV and we’re forced to use Sprint as the high speed provider. Kinda leery about that but I have no other option.

I updated the work and review list (Dan needs to do that too because his MLB 06 reviews are up at Gameshark.) Gal Civ II is one of the best strategy games I have ever played. It’s just as good as Civ IV IMO, it just takes a bit longer to build up steam.

I started Oblivion a few days ago and hoo boy this is:

1) Really Fun
2) Really Pretty
3) I need a new PC. This game is taxing my computer like no other game. I have a 2.4 GHz machine with a gig of RAM and a Radeon 9700 Pro video card and I’m turning off details left and right. It’s very playable and still looks damn good but I’m in no way seeing Oblivion as well as I could see it. Oh, and if you’re playing it on the 360 — you aren’t either.

I’ve just scratched the surface on this behemoth; I’ve played about 5 hours and have accomplished next to nothing, but I think that’s the point. The game is so huge that you can get lost in it. The best thing I can say about the game right now is that it has shown me just how starved I was for a deep single player RPG…even though the initial storyline is kinda weak, or at least it is on the surface. After you go through the first hour of the game you’ll see what I mean. I’m convinced the Emperor is senile.

Finally, I’m going to start doing board game reviews on Gameshark. I won’t do them every week but I’ll try to get one or two in a month. I really feel board games and video games share a common bond and the folks at Gameshark agree. I think it’s a very good fit.

I’m going to start off by reviewing Runebound along with the brand new Midnight expansion set. I also want to focus on board games that are also linked to PC games. Stuff like Railroad Tycoon, World of WarCraft, DOOM, Civilization, Age of Mythology, and so on. Even though these games aren’t technically brand new I think a lot of gamers would be interested in hearing about these versions.

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2 Responses to The Closer

  1. inthenet says:

    Congrats on the house! Take my advice and do whatever touch -ups you need to do right away… If you put it off til later, they may never get done.Also, If your PC is churning really bad w/Oblivion, bite the bullet and switch to 800×600 and turn some of that other eye candy back on. I’m running a PC with close to the same specs as you, and lowering the resolution has helped out a ton. I’m not budgeted(read: wife has ok’ed it) to upgrade my PC until the end of the year, but there’s no way I was gonna wait that long to partake in some Oblivion goodness!


  2. Liquidated says:

    man bill if I lived ANYWHERE near you I’d so invite myself over to add to the board game mayhem. alas a few thousand miles is a bit too far.when I was in the first set of gulf war festivities with the AF (511th TFS’s A10’s for the one person that may give an eff), after the ground war was over there was absolutely N o t h i n g to do at all.At the last moment before shipping off to saudi on christmas eve, I absentmindedly threw in my set of flying buffalo’s Nuke War (+ escalation) into my chem gear bag. Needelss to say I remembered them when Boredom set in.Couldn;t recall the rules completely and ended up having one extra card face down. This did a few things, the most important was that final retaliation was a #@%@#%.I think a total of 4 games were actually won, the rest we all nuked eachother out of existance. Amazing fun considering we’d all been forced sober for half a year.Really cannot stress how much fun nuke war is with 6 really bored Airmen that were collecting hazardous duty pay in a war zone. Something about all alternating running to the latrines on account those sand flea bites causing um well not the right blog for all that I guess!pain, military issue Toilet paper, a game everyone loses in, and hitting on the mortician chicks the tent down the way using the really horrid german we all kinda knew from our FOL back in USAFE.Then beck had that sprechen die duetch line in “I’m a loser” *blink*


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