Time for a Boardgame Break

I’m still getting in at least two MLB 06 games a day (night, actually) and I have no plans of quitting anytime soon. Really dig this game.

That said, GameShark is giving me the green light to review boardgames, which I think is a great idea because today’s boardgames (and card games) are relevant. A lot of people that play PC and console games also play boardgames so I think it’s a good fit for a “gaming” website. I also feel that pen and paer RPGs fit into this category but that’s just me. It’s also a great idea because I like getting freelance assignments. I’m greedy that way, I guess.

In my pipeline are:

  • Runebound and the Midnight “expansion” (it’s not really an add on, but a new game using the pieces from the original)
  • Ticket to Ride, which is an older game (2004) but also a very popular one that I feel is a fantastic family game but also hardcore enough for serious boardgamers.
  • Railroad Tycoon – Pretty map. Have notplayed.
  • World of WarCraft – Holy shit this game is HUGE. It has like a gabillion pieces, cards, and dice. Doesn’t look like a game you can play in a couple of hours…pretty map, though.

This is basically to get the section up and running as I want to do newer stuff ASAP. These do tend to take a lot of time, though, so I dunno how quickly I get get through them as I have to rely on my buddies to help me out. These aren’t really condusive to solo play (Runebound is, sorta.) Should be fun, though.

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2 Responses to Time for a Boardgame Break

  1. Christopher says:

    Boardgaming is incredibly relevant, I couldn’t agree more. That said, your slate of games includes two train games, and two fantasy RPGs. The fantasy RPGs, designed by a Brit (Rune) and an American (WarCraft) are “experience” games, American in feel and long by boardgaming standards. The train games (designed by an American – TTR – and the same Brit – Railroad Tycoon) are more in the realm of “German” or “Euro” games.TTR is a family game, and everyone I have introduced it to loves it… kids to grammas. I am bored by it, but that’s because it’s a Gateway game and I like my strategy heavier. BTW, there are currently 3 version of this game available in board form (Marklin, Europe, and base) and it is also a PC game. It will be the easiest to play.Railroad Tycoon is my favorite of the four, and you might be able to find people to play it, maybe even family. However, it takes much longer to play that TTR and you need a huge area. That said, the game is incredible. It is a modified version of Martin Wallace’s (the Brit) game AGE OF STEAM, which is one of the finest train games ever made. Railroad Tycoon simplifies that system a bit, adds incredible pieces, and is just a lot of fun.The other two are both RPGs in board-game form. I don’t like them all that much, and you will need to find people who play RPGs to play it with you, as I tend to doubt Mom-in-Law wants to play an elf wizard on a quest. She might, but the odds are not with you.Good luck. Modern boardgames are really something special.


  2. bill says:

    Hi Christopher,Yeah I’ve played TTR and Runebound both quite a bit. The reason I wanted to tackle the other two is because they are also PC games, so I think the tie-in with GameShark readers will help a bit to get the section off the ground.I understand what you’re saying about the Days of Wonder games. I’ve also played Pirate’s Cove which is way too random even for me. I defintely want to steer the section into more Euro games like Carcassone and Settlers, but I just wanted some familar names to get it off the ground. Luckily, our new basement is huge and we have our old kitchen table down there (double leafed) so we can play larger games and leave them up however long we need. I was amazed at how large the RRT board was. Yikes.


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