Well thanks for the tips about my wife’s car. We took it to the local VW dealership and I shit you not, there were 4 (four) other cars towed there this weekend with the exact same problem. It was the fuel pump. After some investigating, it turns out that all 5 cars also had a fuel pump problem and they were all filled at the same gas station (hint: begins with a G). Apparently they now use an ethanol blend, except, it seems they used too much ethanol…at least that seems to be the inital argument. Luckily, our car is under warranty, but I wonder about the other 4. It’s shocking that shit like this can happen, but I will I guess take away my VW rant.

In regards to the online reputation, I have 100% positive but yet 4 1/3 stars. I will keep playing Uno and making HOTD 2 comments as I play — ie “Seems like my advice has no effect”…..always fun.

In the meantime, check out this MSNBC video with David Hasselhoff crying during American Idol and an interview with the Clay Aiken wannabe. Good times.


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  1. MeanOnSunday says:

    I doubt that the gas company added more than the standard 10% ethanol since it actually costs more than the gas itself. Most likely your VW just didn’t like the sudden change in fuel; 10% is pushing the limit at which some engine components need modification but car manufacturers hate to do that because it creates a big mess with different fuels being used in different states. In Brazil where they use 15-25% alcohol they line the gas tank with nickel and make a bunch of other engine changes due to increased corrosion and wear.I remember that Volvos used to have something in the manual saying that effects of bad fuel were not covered under the warranty (also that you could use a 10% ethanol blend but it was “not recommended” , whatever that means). Not sure about newer models but hopefully they wont try to weasel out of paying.


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