Happy Tuesday

My Baseball Mogul 2007 review is now online at GameShark. Be gentle on me, I’m not nearly the stat freak Bill is, but I enjoyed the game. It has potential..not perfect, but what is and I love the old school rosters. And the KC like stadium.

In other news, too bad about the Senate being one vote short for the flag burning amendment. I’m so glad they are working on the tough issues, like this one. Funny story, I’m going to show you my ignorance here — did you know there were 27 amendments? I thought there were 26, but in 1992 Alabama ratifed a 202 year old amendment (which didn’t have an expiration date on it), which prohibits Congress from voting themselves a raise in the current session. Of course cost of living doesn’t count as a raise, and I find it incredibly hypocritical that while they vote themselves a raise, they can’t raise the $5.15/hr minimum wage….but I digress…

After seeing the Red Sox win in every which way imaginable, I can see why football fans hate the Patriots success. Of course as a Patriots fan, I didn’t see the problem, but not being a Red Sox fan, I now see it. Still, it doesn’t excuse the refs in the Denver game. :).

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