Head Coach — First Offseason

The off season in this game just drains the crap out of me. Oh, yeah, I lost a playoff game to the Jags 17-3. Thanks to the slider mod, I can get a pretty cool game out of this thing. (How you console fellas are playing this I have no idea. You’re a better man– or men– than I am.)

I love intricate detail in a sports sim. I have no issue with that. But the never ending load screens, the rinse and repeat..and repeat…and repeat. GAH! I just want to scout players for the draft, ya know? Why do I need to scout 8 players — see a load screen, skip daily routine stuff, scout 8 players — load screen.

Why can’t I just scout the damn players?

There are something like 10 “Scout Player” days in the off season. (Something like that) So why not bundle that into one, maybe two “days”? EA’s interface does everything it can to force people to snap the CD into pieces. There’s no way I should spend 3 hours getting from the start of the RFA period to the draft in April. And I am skipping a lot of stuff to cut it down to 3 hours. Same with signing players — all I wanna do is sign my draft picks. But no, the game only lets me do 3 “actions” per signing day so I have to sign 3 guys, exit, go to next task, — load screen– skip to the next signing day, repeat. My brain hurts.

Anyway, sorry to keep hashing over old material..but I just got done doing this stuff and it’s fresh in my head. I just do not understand how someone could design this GUI and think it’s even semi-intuative. It makes Wordperfect for DOS look like a thing of beauty.

There was a reason I wanted to make this little post and it wasn’t about the Amityville Interface. It was instead regarding the off season after you play the initial year.

I have a slight problem….

….there are no new free agents. None. Zero. Zilch-o. Well, that’s a lie. The best new FA, by far, is WR Dennis Northcutt, who I failed to resign. Everyone else was in the FA pool at the start of the previous season and was never signed to a team because they all suck. It’s the end of May, 2007 and there are no new UFAs in the league.

Am I missing something? Surely I’m just overlooking something; the game will have new FAs each year, right? Bueller? Anyone gotten this far?

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1 Response to Head Coach — First Offseason

  1. atari1977 says:

    “How you console fellas are playing this I have no idea.”No shit. I tossed this out of my ps2 after the second lock-up…and not having the sliders is a HUGE omission in my book


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