Simmons is the best thing on ESPN.com

His NBA Draft Diary is priceless. Anyone that jabs at Stephen A. Smith is OK in my book.

I love this line, ‘Phoenix sells its pick to Portland for cash (with the Blazers grabbing Sergio Rodriguez). I love Phoenix’s performance tonight — they should have just put those two first-rounders on eBay. Way to look out for your fans, guys. And what about Portland’s wheeling and dealing? They’re like a drunk college kid randomly putting together an NBA Live team at 4 a.m. What a bizarre night.”

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3 Responses to Hilarious

  1. Todd says:

    “8:45 — Stephen A. screaming … Stephen A screaming … Stephen A screaming …”Okay, I just about sprayed orange juice all over my display.


  2. Todd says:

    “Ager walks up to the stage in a triple-breasted, oversized beige suit, goes to shake hands with Stern and immediately gets whistled for a foul on Dwyane Wade.”That would be hysterical if it weren’t so damn true.


  3. Dan Clarke says:

    Damn, you’re just finding out about Simmons? LOL. I knew him in the “Boston Sports Guy” days back in the ’50s.


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